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Communication between the V700 and the inverter

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I have the V700 with a Snap-In  V200-18-E2B and a Inverter. I want to run a motor with a simple programs. I want the V700  communicate in RS485 with the inverter. I  use a USB cable to send the program to the V700.  I know i have to plug my RJ11 cables in the port of the V700 and set the communication  on RS485 on the bottom of the V700. For the other part of the cable i have to take 2 of 4 wire and connect them on the Inverter. What i have to do after ? How i set the communication ? Will i have to  create programs with contacts and coils to run the motor forward, or it have a compiled programs which contains some of these command ? 


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Hi Paul;

Have you programmed a PLC Before?

Have you downloaded and installed  Visilogic 9.8.65  on your computer?

                         www.unitronicsplc.com    downloads   Visilogic      Visilogic 9.8.65


Open Visilogic, and click on Help,  Open Up Examples, and look thru them.,

       Convert  them to work with the V700 ( Hint  -- Convert to Color),   Build them download them, test them , understand them.

       There are the basics  to review, and then there are RS485 examples  under   Projects, Communications.

       Ccreating  your own small test programs  and build up from there.

Also review the Inverter communications parameters and how it wants to share data  - eg. MODBUS

        find the data you want to send and receive from the Inverter.


We will not write your programs for you. 

 Unitronics Moderators here are Volunteers,   Professionals who give their time to help others with their programming efforts.

We can review your programs and guide you.









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What are  the communications parmeters  used in the Inverter?    

If RS232 or 485 - Do you have the V100-17-RS4  or 4X  Com Board installed, and Initialized in Visilogic ?      Also in the Inverter( Inverter Manual)

If Ethernet, do you have the IP Address Set up. Can you Ping the Inverter  and the PLC from your computer?

Is the Inverter using Modbus  Protocol?   Can you read any of the Modbus registers in the Inverter?


Post your program and we can look at it.   What version VisiLogic are you using?




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