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PID CV-reset after status change heat cool

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Hello forum

Have there a question about the PID controller. I use two PID controllers (auto tune) in master slave mode (cascade) to heat and cool. I switch with the BIT "action; 0 = Reverse (Heating), 1 = Direct (Cooling)" to heat or cool.
My problem is the controller output:
The controller is cool, the setpoint is not quite reached yet and the contoller output has eg a value of 20%. Now the actual value falls below the setpoint. So I switch the PID controller to "heat up". Now the controller output still has 20% at the output. When switching from cooling to heating, the controller output is not reset, also not recalculated for heating.
Is there a way to reset the controller? So that he recalculates the controller output?
I'm doing an ugly detour right now! I change the proportional band to 0.1% for one second and then back to the effective value. The controller output is calculated "new" again.
Works, but I do not like it that way.

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