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Filling batches and reseting batches

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So I have wrote a program  that we use on our conveyor for sorting tubing.  We get a good/bad signal from a gauge, then use this to tell the conveyor when to blow a part into the conveyor.  So the program works well for what we need, but I have found an issue when we started using it.  I want to fill batch 1, then start to fill batch 2.  When I am filling batch 2 I pull the parts and reset the part count on batch 1 to 0, well when I do this is starts counting again in batch 1.  looking at my program this is exactly how I wrote it.  I went to solve this issue today,  and I cant seem to come up with how to get it to fill batch 1 until its full, switch to batch 2 and not stop filling on batch 2 until it's full.  Then when its full it goes back to see if batch 1 if full still, if not then it will start filling that again.  its coming clearer now that I try to explain it here.  





1 blow 2 batch.vlp

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