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Hi I've got a V280 plc on a job that's about 1 1/2 yrs old. When i was at the site that's about 150km away last time about 6 months ago the backlight was fairly dim and despite checking that the brightness was set to full the display was still quite hard to read. It now appears the backlight isn't operating at all as the plc display can't be read without ambient light.

Is this a common problem?

Can anyhting be done to get to get the light going again without major open heart surgery?

What sort of life should the backlight get?

thanks in advance


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Hello Alan,

It's not a common problem, but is unlikely it could be repaired on-site. The only user-accessible setting is the backlight intensity SI value, which you have checked.

I don't know the specified lifetime for the backlight, but you should expect many years. This will be less if the unit is exposed to temperatures outside the operating range, particularly at the higher end.

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The temp range is a typical Australian outdoor temperature range. It's inside a shed but it's exposed to outside temperatures. It probably has ranged from 0C to maybe 45C. The V280 is in a fan circulated enclosure and is out of direct sunlight. i was hoping that it is a nice easy fix as it's so far away and it's used for a few hours every day of the year.

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Hello world,

I have experienced the same problem with one older V280 (installation in 2004). That OPLC was installed in the equipment room of the small hydro power plant. The temperature in the room never exceeded 25degC. The application program in the OPLC switches off the display illumination one hour after last button (or Touch Screen) manipulation.

Suddenly the backlight changed color from white to dark red. Owner of the site bought a new controller, the faulty one is now in my office. If there is some possibility to repair the backlighting (I would like to use it just for my own testing purposes), I would very appreciate some advice how to do it. Thank you.

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