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Hi everyone, I'm developing a program to communicate with an inverter and a PM5100 power meter, but I'm getting "4/6" time-out errors when communicating with the PM5100.  Perform the program development as follows.  Function Process Inverted contact, normal closed MB, function block 43000, coil set to Mb and follows the sequence .... I performed a test with Serial Adapter and got success, what can I do to adjust the timeout or calculate how it is done I noticed  that there is a formula in the help menu, has anyone used ??  Can someone indicate an accomplished program ?? https://youtu.be/cBXH0QjwFMw my logic is similar to video

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You should provide more information. Can you post program or screenshots of your routine and serial init function blocks? Which PLC are you using? Are com parameters the same on both PLC and meter side? Did you set DIP switches for RS485?

On 5/23/2019 at 3:34 AM, Edilson Adriano Lucas said:

Can someone indicate an accomplished program ??

There should be examples under Hep menu in VisiLogic.

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