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Information mode access dead zone


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I would like that Info mode accesss in Unistream was designed in another way. The Visilogic way was good enough, at least I was able to place any buttons wherever I wanted. With Unistream method you have a considerable dead zone where you can't place any button because it simply won't work, because it is reserved to access the System configuration.

Wouldn't it be possible to choose the corner where the info mode has to be accessed? The upper left corner is where I always put the Home or Back button, but in any case I think that space should be available to place any button, not just reserved for the info mode access. I find it an annoying limitation.



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i also had the same problem with the button not working in the right top corner. But there is a solution, not to fix this but you can make your button work. Unilogic has

a category  of System bits and under the caption General there are information about Coordinate x,y where you press the touch screen and a bit when you press it.  The touch bit and coordinates  are working on whole screen.

You can use this info to write ledder logic. 

When you press the touch screen, a touch bit turns on, then check the condition if the x,y coordinates of your press are within area where your button is placed on hmi. 

If condition is positive then make an action maybe jump to another screen. 



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