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Hi. I'm a complete novice but trying teach myself ladder. my previous experience is with function on the la crouzet software. The problem I'm having is with my hsc, in that I need to take rpm, which I can achieve using a 5 sec timer, which also resets my HSC count. This is a problem as I need a continues count as well. I can also achieve this but not both together. as soon as I use a store function, I cant manipulate the original count.

Is there a way to retain the HSC count and also manipulate the count in another operand to achieve a re-settable rpm reading?

I'm using an inductive sensor on the shaft with a vision SM70-JR20. 


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Hi Crin;

This should be in the Vision Forum.

In VisiLogic, Under View, click on HW Configuration

     Then click on the  SM70-J-R20  Box

          Look for the Tab  High Speed Inputs

                    Top is for   the Hi Speed Counter

                   Lower is for Rate.

       Set them up  and linearize the Rate to the Scale you want.






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