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Communication between two Cinterion BGS2T


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How to make communication between two Cinterion modems. On one side I have Jazz JZ20-T18 with Cinterion modem. Another side should be Scada with Cinterion modem.

On PLC I make MODBUS slave communication, and direct connection between PLC and SCADA (RS232) works.

I tried than to make connection between PLC-Scada via cinterions.

1. Initilaise PLC side modem and connect to Jazz.

2. Initilaise PCside modem and connect to scada.

Communication not work.

Does I need some steps to do?

Which can be the problem?

Maybe I should initialise PLCside modem and connect to scada?


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OK, I use 6 wires cable MJ20-CB200, MJ20-PRG connector on PLC side, and MJ10-22-CS10 on modem side, but I always get SI180=3.

I use Simple SMS example from U90 ladder set change PLC to Jazz JZ20-T18, and modify phone number in phone book.

I tried with regular RS232 cable and PC I can send and receive message.

I'm not sure why modem reply with Got unknown message...

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1 hour ago, AlexUT said:

MJ10-22-CS10  is not for modem side, it is for PC side to supply power to PRG module.

Use MJ10-22-CS76 for modem side.



Yes, you are right, my fault when writing post...The real situation is with MJ10-22-CS76.

Sorry my fault. 

I use that cable but got message mentioned above.

I'm not sure what is the problem. I Init modem from modem services. SIM card is valid and can send SMS.

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Also I'm not sure, how Cinterion modem can supply power via 1 and 6 pins?!

When you look on DB9 pinout for modem and pinout for PLC add-on port module PRG there are some differences. Also I look at the RS add-on module, also have differences with modem pinout.

Maybe MJ10 connectors have some chip to do exchange or whatever???


My scenario is:


Cinterion BGS2T  --- MJ10-22-CS76


MJ20-CB200 6 wires


Jazz JZ20-T18 --- MJ20-PRG (add on module)

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Visit https://unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/

Expand "Jazz & M91 Hardware"

Expand "Jazz add-on modules and accessories"

Scroll down and open

JZ-PRG Specification

JZ-PRG Install Guide

Here you can find all details, include pinout.

MJ10-22-CS76 internal wiring provide power to PRG module as well.

*PRG module power consumption is low and used only to power RS232 communication.

*When use CS10 adapter, you have to use RS232 port with full set of signals.

Unitronics supply Prolific based USB-to-Serial converter supporting all signals.

Other converters may have only RX, TX and Ground wires. And may not supply power to PRG module.



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