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Mark table as downloaded, switch tables, and bypass schedule


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Three questions related to tables in DataXport.  If I have the V570 in a testing device which has programs for each product I'm testing, and each of those programs saves a separate results table (Samples_P01, Samples_P02, Samples_P03, etc.):

  • 1)  If I download a table from the PLC using DataXport, is there a way to flag it as having been received?  I don't want to download the same data again until all the results in the table have been updated with new results.
  • 2)  How can I switch to another table (which is another product's results) without stopping, editing the site, selecting the table, unselecting the previous table, and running again?  The other option I found is to create multiple sites for the same PLC, each with a different table selected.  This still requires you to stop the call log, edit the current site to uncheck enable, edit the other site to check enable, then running again.  Just as much work.
  • 3)  Is there a way to pull the table without using schedules?  I don't want the data to continuously pull every minute or hour, but rather only when the operator performed new tests.  Otherwise, I am getting the same data over and over in new CSV files.  I'd rather force a call when they need it and bypass schedules.
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