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Bricked Unistream?


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I have a USP-070-B10 + USC-P-B10 I use for testing purposes,
Last week I had to upgrade the firmware to be able to download the project I needed to test, so I do as many times before; grab the nearest USB-stick, format it FAT32, firmware manager, copy to DOK, insert, start upgrade etc.

First thing should have seen as a warning was that the time to copy the files to the DOK took a looooong time.
The firmware update took a long time, so I left the workplace for a lunchbreak, when I came back, it said something like "HMI OVERLOAD" or overflow, or something like that.
So I removed the DOK and the power supply, counted to 10, and plugged the 24V back in.

The screen popped up again with "SD-files unpacking" and "update is in progress" screens.
I left it for some hours, and it never completed, or finished.

So I figure that the USB-stick was at fault, made a new stick with the firmware manager, tried the "force_update" usb rescue thing, and no change.
Left it over the weekend, came back today and it was still "update in progress" 
even if I start the panel without SD-card or USB stick, it still does the update in progress thing..

Is there any way to recover from this?
Any suggestions are welcome 


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