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SQL Execute Stored Procedure


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Hi All,

I have created an stored procedure in an SQL server.  

I would like to create a table whith a  variable name. 

EXEC CreateTable[:Test] 

It creates always a table with the same name.  The name between brackets [] 

This Test parameter should be variable, how can I archieve this? 





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I do not completely understand. 

I have created and tested  a stored procedure in management studio, 

input variable is @|TableName 


But how to adress the variable name in Unilogic?


It works but only inserts a static/constant table name, not dependent on a var.


In the example it provides information on how to insert a table, and this works. But how to call/handle the  [dbo].[Dymanic_Query] :TableName especcially the : TableName



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