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Jazz and GPRS router MODBUS rs232

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Hi all,

I have problem connecting to GPRS router, maybe problem is in cable or software a don't know.

I successfully configured GPRS communication with routers and configured them to work as MODBUS slave.( One remote unit configured as modbus slave (modbus address 1) which have some inputs for analog signals and other unit next to Jazz which only works as a router).

I tried "modbus poll" program to test communication with routers on PC and found that my data is located on modbus address 30003.

Now the problem is connecting to Jazz.

Configuration of modbus is similar to one from example except that I used timeout time 700 instead of 100

For modbus commands settings are:

SI 141 #1

SI142 #0 ???

SI 143 #10

SI 144 #3

SI 145 #5

SI 140 #604 or # 609

And for cable connection pinout is:

Jazz MJ1022-CS10 Router

7 RTS ----------- 1 DCD ????

3 Tx ----- ----- 2 RD

2 Rx ----- ----- 3 TD

----- ----- 4 DTR

5 Gnd ----- ----- 5 GND

4 DTR ----- ----- 6 DSR

----- ----- 7 RTS

----- ----- 8 CTS

----- ----- 9 RI


Best regards

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Hi Dejan,

Which communicationg module you're using in Jazz - JZ-PRG or JZ-RS4?

In case you use JZ-PRG, please note, that it needs external power and active port to wake it up. Usually the PC's RS323 D-sub connector gives power to pins 1 & 6 of RJ11 of JZ-PRG. Also, you need ot be sure the router port is active.

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If you try to read address 30003, it's normal to receive Illegal address. You need to subtract 30001 from this address. I guess the address you need is 2.

I'm not sure I understand your wiring diagram and if it's right. Let's try with address 2 and see what will be the result.

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