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I am currently having trouble running PID Server to tune some water tank heaters. I've used this program many times before and it has worked perfectly. However, recently I have been getting the error "Run-Time Error 9, Subscript Out of Range" right at the very end of the tuning process.

I am using a V570 with a AO6X analog module. The software version is, 9.3.0.

Occasionally I'll get a good tune, but more times than not I'll get errors........Any ideas????

Thanks in advance for your help..........Jeff

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I get the same error EVERY time I run PID server. I think it too must be at the end of the tuning cycle, just when it attempts to write the data.

The error message is generated from Windows, I have seen the exact error message generated from other Windows apps,mostly in Excel, and VB scripts, not just Visilogic.

It could be an indication of a virus, malware, or rootkit, or corrupt files.

Does anyone out there know what else might cause this?

I am running a V130 with 9.3.0 on Windows XP SP 3.

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I have resolved my problem with the PID server. I am also heating a water tank, but only 15 gal. Every time I ran the PID server autotune with the 2-stage I would wind up with the Run-Time Error 9, Subscript Out of Range error message and no data written.

After setting the #of stages to 4 it works great, everytime (but it does take a while, about 45min).

When running the PID loop it will maintain the setpoint to within +/- couple tenths of a degree (F).

I was thinking that maybe the response time of the water tank was too long so the autotune gave up, but couldn't say for sure.

Just glad it's all working now!

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