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I'm starting to suspect this is an issue with 9.3 not playing well with my Windows 7 64bit machine. I put 9.3 on my old laptop and it functions normal. The previous version worked fine on my 64 bit machine, so that is strange. Anyone else having issues with speed of visilogic 9.3 on a 64 bit machine Windows 7 Ultimiate?

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I have a new Acer Aspire laptop with W7 Professional 64 bit version. VisiLogic 9.3.0 works very fast.

(Details: Acer Aspire 5738; Pentium Dual-core@2.30GHz, 4.00GB of RAM)

Thank you for the feedback. It's sounds as if something specific to my computer is causing the Visilogic issues.

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stembera: I guess 'Fast" is a relative term. I too am running Win 7 Ultimate / 4GB , 64bit on a 2.4Ghz quad core. It takes 17 seconds to "download' a very small project after a minor (move a TEXT object one pixel) change . My CPU usage never goes over 35%. How much is actual download vs play with files, I don't know but I suspect not much.

Damian: I have found that VL 9.3 does about 55 MB of I/O reads and 5MB of I/O writes each time I download the simple project that is only 317Kb in size. Very strange since it uses only 38MB of ram. I also note that if I copy / paste 10 items on a display page, it takes 3-4 seconds, same amount of time to delete them.

On my P4 2.6G XP system, which is 1/6 the speed of my W7 system, the same download and other operations are double the time. And the XP disk is a lot slower (Ultra DMA5) and fragmented than the W7 HD. For XP, only 50% max CPU usage, mostly hovers in the 10-25% range with a few bursts, lasting on a second or two, to the 50% range. As my XP HD is noisy, I can hear it cranking a lot of seeks when "downloading".

Moving the VisiLogic program directory and Windows TEMP/TMP dir to a ram disk helps the speed a little on the W7 machine. With all the reading/writing going on, perhaps using a SSD makes it worse.

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