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I have a single V570 and a circuit board. I want to communicate via RS485 with my circuit board. I use hyperterminal to check the communication. via rs232 everything works fine. when i change my settings to RS485 i receive some of the send messages and then it stops. sometimes it continues but is unpredictable. I tried termination on and off but only off works. I tried different speed but It works with 19200 so I do not think that this is the problem. any suggestions? when i use hyper terminal as my input to the circuit board everything works fine too. I send a message and i receive a massage back.

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Hi ,

Which RS485 cable are you using?

Did you set termination at both end devices?

Please make sure to connect also the 0v of the PLC power supply and the circuit board.

Which protocol are you using for communication?

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