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Hi guys. first of all, i'm from portugal, and my english is not so good, but i'll try to explain my problem the best as i can.

I'm new at this world, and i have to do a project for a company.

It's my first contact with Vision280.

What i have to do is something like this:


So, i have to control two water pumps, via Vision280. I need to send, via Modbus, the commands to read and write the values in the variable frequency drives (the model is: Vacon 0010 -3L-0006-4).

I was talking with the Vacon guys and they told me all the parameters that i have to insert in frequency drives to stablish the communication through modbus.

And i was checking your examples and manuals, and i did a little program to read 2 values from one of those frequency drives, but something is wrong with the communication, because i got the errors 4 and 5 at the "error status" in the R.H.R block.

Can someone give me a little help?

Thanks in advance

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Which PLC com port are you using for the RS485 communication?

Did you set the jumpers for RS485 with Termination?

Which RS485 cable are you using?

Please check that both the V280 and the slaves are set to the same baud rate and the Network IDs are set as required.

Please make sure to connect also the 0v of the PLC power supply and the regulators.

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Hi, Ofir..

I'm using the port 3 for the communication. It's a V200-19-R4 expansion, and i set the jumpers in the mode BB .

I made this configuration and the RS485 cable, checking this manual: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/communication/Unitronics%20Devices%20and%20RS485.pdf because i'm using a old version of Vision280 .

About the master and the slave, i set both with the same parameters, including also the "com port" (COM 3), "parity" (None), "Standard" (RS485) and "Stop Bits"(1).

I made the 0v connection too, but what do you mean with "the regulators"?

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I meant your slave devices..

Anyway are you sure you are using the right MODBUS command and reffering to the right slave register address?

Try using MODSCAN32 or other MODBUS master software and check whether you are able to communicate with the slaves using your PC. (You will need of course RS232 to RS485 converter).

If it works properly with your PC then attach the application and the slave documentation so I can take a look.

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