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Hello, i'm using V700 and i have a strange bug with screen.

So, basically, i have some Variable: Numeric parameters on the screen which i can set with keypad entry, all works fine with it and also I have some buttons on the screen like "Copy" or "Load" or "Save" with confirmation of action, after that i get pop-out message and while that message is shown i turn on SB111 (disable virtual keypad). 

And sometimes after that action i get pop-out virtual keyboard with one of my parameter for no reason, even when virtual keypad disabled.

Sometimes virtual keyboard pop-out even while SB111 is still TRUE, which scares me even more.

I was trying to swap this "buggy" parameter with another, but now virtual keyboard with another parameter pops-out for no reason.

Sometimes it happens like 3 time in a row after some other action on the screen (pressing "Load"), sometimes it might happen even with external buttons (Start, Stop, Reverse), which i do not use to disable virtual keypad and sometimes i might press buttons like 50 times and get nothing.

I was thinking about protective film that adheres too tightly to the screen in a particular place, but not sure about it.

Did someone encountered this bug with V700 or maybe another unitronics model?

I will try to download video with this bug later today, can't do this now.

Thx and sorry for bad english
Edit: actually, i have some external button which sets SB111
Edit 2: adding video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLHBbHfPIqx8DdyujtVMKi35LvEBSyt2/view?usp=sharing

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