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Cannot communicate with M91-2-T1

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We have a M91-2-T1 that we haven't used for a while, and have just got it out again recently. I am trying to communicate with the PLC via RS232, but cannot communicate with the PLC. I am using:

  • USB to serial cable (Prolific, driver version, connected to;
  • DB9-RJ11 cable which we made according to the pin assignments in the U90 software manual (we also have another one with the RxD/TxD reversed because we thought we had the two around the wrong way)

I also tried using an older computer which has a RS232 port, and no luck there either, so that ruled out the problem of the USB to serial cable.

I have checked the COM port and settings (reset everything back to default), and they all seem fine. Is there a way I can test if the connections are correct by say, use HyperTerminal to send commands to the PLC, or is there any way I can find out what the problem might be?

Many thanks,


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Hi Danny,

I am sorry for missing your request for help.

Was the problem solved or you need further help?

* PLC can not answer to any HyperTerminal input as by default it use VisiLogic communication protocol.

** To check cable or adapter, you need to shortcut pins 2 and 3 at 9 pin RS-232 connector.

Entering any symbols from HyperTerminal will echo back.

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