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Remote Operator Mobile does not read the cache


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Hello world,

I have a unusual problem with Remote Operator in mobile version: A smartphone connects to the OPLC quickly but it is not able to download the display cache. PC downloads cache in 2 minutes, smartphone hangs in "Downloading cache" for hours without any change. Do somebody have an idea what could gone wrong with the application?
I checked the situation on two Android smartphones (Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Motion).
OPLC type is Vision 1040 running on OS 4.6.15, my smartphone is running on Android 8.1.0. 
The site is connected to Internet via 4G router with public IP address. Smartphone was all time connected to reliable WiFi.

Thank you for any idea.

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Download Cashe by use of WiFi.

If this is not possible - test if you can download cache in Remote Operator (PC) and look if there are errors pointing to specific picture.

This points to bad picture image at PLC memory (and in project).

You have to replace damaged image and reload all project, include images, and test cache load by Mobile Remote Operator.


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