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Serial communication problem


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I'm using a Unistream 10.1" built-in for a project where I have to communicate with using an UAC-CX-01RS2  RS232 module.

I created a simple test project after watching the communication tutorial video.

It seems that something is not right. The PLC doesn't receive the full message sent by the other party. The first character(s) are missing. Usually 1 or 2 but sometimes even 3 or 4 characters.

I checked the signals with a logic analyzer and they are there on the dedicated pin of the DB9 connector plugged into the PLC.  Communication speed and parameters are set properly.

Maybe I did something not proper in the Unilogic software but I couldn't find another example. I attached the project.

Could anybody please have a look at it? Is it a software problem or maybe my RS232 module is faulty?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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