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Problem with US5-B10-B1 as Modbus Slave with TCP/IP and 5 ID


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I have a current project to modify a Modbus RS485 to Modbus TCP / IP gateway.
I am using a US5-B10-B1 HMI with a UAC-CX-01RS4_0 card.
I have to read informations on slaves (10 slaves) in Modbus RS 485 and then send these informations on Modbus TCP / IP to a Supervisor. So Master on the RS 485 com and Slave on the Panel Ethernet.

I would like to be able to send the information back to the supervisor (TCP / IP) using a single IP address (of course) but having 5 slave IDs on the network and connecting to the Ethernet Panel.
Is this possible with this US5?
When I create my configuration as a slave, I have no problem indicating the slave IDs. But in compilation I have errors because it only accepts one slave ID on Panel Ethernet and another in RS485.
Thank you for your feedback.
Have a good day.



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