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Jazz T40 ++ MJ20-ET1 ++ UCR-ST-B8-EU

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Goodmorning everyone,
it is the first time that I write in this forum, but I have been working with Unitronics controllers for many years and here I found a lot of help.
One of our customers, who already has our own machine, asked us to be able to update it so that it is possible to do remote assistance and, at a later time, have access to the PLC variables from their SCADA (we can forget this part for now, they don't have one).
Briefly, the machine in question is equipped with a Jazz PLC, and we already have the MJ20-ET1 add-on module. Normally we would have mounted a Tosibox to perform the required operations, but this time we wanted to try one of the new Unitronics routers (mod. UCR-ST-B8-EU).
As long as the PC and router are connected to the same network, there is no problem but, by separating the networks to simulate remote assistance, we cannot create the connection (via unicolud?).
We have not found a specific guide for the Jazz series, and the moment we try to insert a new PLC via the serial number, the system says that this is invalid.
Maybe we have skipped a few steps or we are missing something.
Has anyone experienced this setup or would they be able to help us?

Thank you all ;)

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