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M90 GMS Modem issues

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We've been using M90 with GSM modems for SMS for some time now. However, we've been havin a lot of problems with the latest enforma modems. They don;t seem to want to work!

An example is one that was installed to replace an old sony GM29. The original modem was working fine, sending SMS. The new one works with the same code, but only sends SMS for one day before needing to be power off and back on again.

Has anybody had any issues with the M90 / M91 and GSM modems? Does anybody have any additions to the initialisation strings that could help?



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Hi DavidThornton,

It seems that Michael found and fixed problem.

Modem you mentioned - ETM9400-1 - is not in supported modems list.

So there is no warranty that it will work with GPRS.

It may work, or may not work in SMS mode, when selected "Other..." type of modem.


Enfora is supported for years, and in most of cases have no problems.


Problems will arise, when cellular signal level is not good.

*For Enfora modem minimum CSQ level is 11.


For areas with a big signal fluctuation it is recommended to check, if antenna is not covered by trees, etc.


If signal is low as result of weather condition - you have to check signal quality each 5-10 min., and make COM  INIT until CSQ will show good signal.


As well, antenna re-positioning, or use antenna with highest gain, may solve problem, or extend hours with a good cellular signal level.



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Thanks for the reply Alex.

This modem is supplied here in Australia by the Unitronics dealer, it is working fine.

I just have the same problem as stated by the OP, of it only working for a short period of time (1-2 days) before needing to be reset.

I was hoping for a fix to that particular issue, not sure if its the modem or PLC.


My biggest problem is fault finding, as I can't look at code and use modem at the same time on an M90.

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