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V120-22-UA2 High Speed Pulses

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Dear All,

i need the guideline for v120-22-UA2 controller. As per the controller specification it supports 2khz output on HS outputs. please guide me how can i design the logic for 2khz pulses frequency to drive the stepper motor. Because i can't find any relevant function or instruction in the Visilogic or any other alternate way to achieve the requirement. However, i used the PWM  but it is not generating the required frequency.




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V120-22-UA2  is actually 500Hz PWM  Max.

PWM output is 24 V, PNP,  so it is Limited  -- also slow for a servo input, and wire the Servo Input accordingly

PWM freqency   is  xxx.x Hz   500 Hz    is set as    5000  (500.0  Implied decimal)

PWM Duty Cycle  is  xx.x%         50%     is set as    500 ( 50.0 implied decimal)

If you have an oscilloscope available - look at  the waveform, especially if you want to push it above 500Hz !

You will have to use a counter to control the pulses and turn the PWM   On and OFF.

The V120 is an older unit and was not designed to really work with a servo.


The V130-J-TR20  has better PWM High Speed Outputs  - NPN - 200kHz,  also some functions for basic servo control.

If you also need the Analog Outputs, then the V130-J-TRA22 - NPN 200kHz.  The TRA has some functions for Servo Control.



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