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I´m programming an aplication and the hardware is one unistream 10, comunicating with a remote adapter URB TCP via ethernet. I have created the structures named datainput and dataoutput, which i put in the parameter INPUT AND OUTPUT when i cofigured the comunication.  My question is: the status of the digital I/O and the value of the analog inputs, i can see and write them in these structure. What is the order?. I would appreciate you help.




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Hi Jose.

I'm not quite sure what the question is.

When you added/configured the URB-TCP in your project, each I/O module attached to the adapter would have needed to be added to your project, in the Hardware Configuration section. When this is done, the structs are automatically created for each I/O module. The name assigned to each module is the model#, followed by the physical position occupied. For example, if you have 2pcs of URD-0800 occupying the first two positions to the right of the adapter and 1pc of URD-0008CH in the third position, the I/O structs would be created as follows:

URB Adapter1_Inputs.URD-0800_0[Input0 to Input7]

URB Adapter1_Inputs.URD-0800_1[Input0 to Input7]

URB Adapter1_Outputs.URD-0008CH_2[Output0 to Output7]

(The first position to the right of the adapter is zero)

You can edit the Alias and Description for each I/O point, but you cannot change the name.

You should not need to manually create any structs for the I/O.

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