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It was asked of me to reconfirm, because we had purchased a automation direct 15" display

at one time and the face had puched out until it popped. If we pressurise the cabinet to 5psi,

I will not have this problem on the unitronics 1210 and 1040 with the face pushing out?

We are excited but nervous.

This will be great if the unitronics

can do this for us. We know that the

allen bradly HMI's can do this but we

want Unitronics.

We just want to make sure that we understand correctly.

Thanks again.


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Hi Perry,

I checked deeper with our Engineering department.

V1040 and V1210 are built in different way.

In V1210 the front pannel glass with touch pannel are stick together with glue from external side of the frame. Despite we beleive the glue is strong enough and will hold higher pressure than you state, in case like yours this is the only force, keeping the front panel/touch from punch out.

In V1040, the front pannel glass is glued to internal side of the frame. To be able to punch it out, you need ot break the glass (1.8 mm in both V1040 and V1210!) or to break the frame itself. This can happen only applying brutal force - times higher than your "poor" 0.33 BAR!

I beleive that V1210 will be good enough for your project (the glue will be strong enough), but if I needed to chose model for this project, I'll chose anyway V1040 - for me it's out of any doubts! :D

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I really must be missing something here!


Our P = 5 pounds / in^2

Our area A (touch screen cutout of V1210) is 11.69in x 8.9in = 104 in^2


F = 5 pounds/in^2 * 104 in^2 = 520lbs

the V1040 works out to almost 500lbs itself

That is 520lbs of linear force trying to push the HMI out the front door of the cabinet.

That is like 2 and a half full grown men standing on the back of the HMI.

Where am I going wrong?

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