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Problems with aplication in VISILOGIC

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I am working with a PLC Samba SM70-J-RA22, Remote I/O Adapter EX-RC1 and  I/O Module IO-D16A3-TO16.
I have a problem. I am using the HSO and the HSC of IO-D16A3-TO16 for stepper control. The HSO is connected to the HSC, so I read the number of pulses.
I have different target of pulses, but I can´t get the target that I need. For example, If I need a target of 15 pulses, I get 18, 30 or 100. The target is near when I use a low velocity (15, 17 or 18), but in my application I use a high velocity. Therefore the motor stepper moves different pulses's number.
In the  HSO of the I/O Module IO-D16A3-TO16,only I have two parameter: output frequency and duty cycle.
Also, I work with virtual HSC.
I attach some images of the program.
For information:
MI21: Frequency HSO.
MI7 :Set Target.
MI11: Virtual HSC.
MI12: Pulses´s number each cycle.
Please I need your help.





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One observation:

   Many different logical statements inside  each net.  PLC Compiler has to " chew through " a lot to get 1 final result  of 2 or 3  different operations.

      ( look at the STL Statements   for these nets) 

      That one with 3 references to MB56  will cause problems   -( )-  and  2 x   -(P)-     Break it up.   The Leading edge pulses can get missed  in the current setup.

  Separate into  individual nets.  - The STL's are simpler to work on and  the result is simple - The plc  will process them easier.


  I have seen cases when having more than 1 logical  sequence in a net gives an un-expected wrong result. 

Unitronics recommends 1 logical statement per net.





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