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Rearranging struct items / tags


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Is there a way to rearrange struct items within a struct, and also is the same possible for the global tags? I know we can sort the tags by name but if we open Unilogic the default sort is first tag created is first in the row


the same would come in handy for function inputs and outputs. I have created several C functions which are verry similar, and my program has become verry confusing because a lot of these function blocks have the same inputs and outputs, but they are not arranged the same and I would like to change this, but haven't found out how to do that yet...

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Hello @Kpotmake,

There is no built-in way to achieve your goal... but there are workarounds.

For rearranging Function in / out, I would

1) add to function In  / out parameters the tags you want to appear in the right order, with other names that resemble original ones

2) use the find and replace feature with scope set as current function,

3)  delete Function in / out tags that were not in right order

4) Rename added tags to the original names.


You can do the same for rearranging global tags although it is probably much more work...


For arranging tags in struct, it is a real headache... Since there is no Find and replace feature on the struct member itself, but only on members of the struct instances... Unless you have some structs that have only one instance or very few, then it is doable relatively simply.

I understand those solutions are not ideal, but for a one time operation it  can make sense to work hard (think well of the order you really want before doing so, you'd not be happy doing that all over again after a good night of sleep!)

Hope that helps you

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