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Remote reboot when only CPU


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I use US5-x5-T42 PLC+HMI Combos  primarily for the products i build and install. I have just started up a new installation which i typically support remotely. Typically via a remote access device I can use a VNC viewer and connect right to the HMI. And I was able to do that for some time during this install but in a few hours time I lost all comms to the HMI but the CPU's still ping. Since Unilogic uses the HMI IP address I cant connect. Is there any way of forcing a remote reboot with the CPU address? Does anyone have any experience with this happening?


The octet scheme I use the CPU and HMI are respectively sequential. For example,  CPU-, then the HMI of that unit is, so in the image below you can see I have lost coms to 3 HMI's.  152, 154(not shown on list) , 192.




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