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  1. it depends on if the plc is being turned off during this period. The longer it is off the faster the battery will die. On PLCs that are in my install base Ive seen this warning for at least two months before I was able to get out to replace it. The battery is for all the tags that you have selected to be retained. You may select an initial value when the tag is created but the end user may adjust that. When the plc is off this maintains the values that have been changed from the initial values.
  2. There is a lot of other information on the screen. Depending on the situation this could be a more efficient. Thank you for your response.
  3. Thanks Joe. That's actually the best solution thus far.
  4. It would be great if this could have the dual function of entering direct text or assigning a tag like the min and max allows. While I am at it, it would also be helpful if the decimal places could be handled this way as well. As an example, right now if I want the text after to indicate units i will overlay four numerical boxes with mm, in, ft, and m in the text after utilizing the visibility tag to display the unit preference of the user. If you add decimal places as a user preference, take, 0, 0.0, and 0.00, that is none, one, and two, if the device that populates the numerical tag has a sufficient resolution for two (2) decimal places when the smallest unit is selected then twelve (12) boxes are required to be overlaid utilizing the visibility tag. In my application i can only allow one decimal place if mm are chose. So with five (5) difference inputs I have fifty-five 55 numerical boxes on one screen with only five (5) numerical boxes being visible at any time. All of this applies while using INT's. The decimal place situation can be alleviated if I chose toe use REAL instead of INT for the display and user input tags. My point is that I have been down this road thoroughly and I don't believe I am missing something here, but please if I am let me know. Because the conclusion i keep coming to is that it would be very helpful if the text after feature could be tagged.
  5. My deliverable software has three levels of end user access, admin, supervisor, maintenance with the ability for the end user to change the passwords as needed. The end user experience requires navigation of organizational menus to alter set points, units etc. Of course I need to have a backdoor for many reasons. Upon successful backdoor login i load a master screen that has screenshots of all the other screens for direct navigation to said screen. Once on that screen i have two overlayed exit buttons, only one of which becomes visible depending on the path taken. I do that so I can call out the exact screen i want to navigate back to rather than using the 'last screen' function. If you happen to be on a screen that calls the 'last screen' for the exit/return while Unilogic update is made that DOES NOT reset or reboot the PLC you become stuck on that screen and have to reboot the PLC anyway. First question; Is there a way to use 'last screen' and not have the scenario i just described occur? Second Question; Regarding my back door master screen that resembles the HMI sub-module screen as you click on that sub module in the solution explorer, I would like to make all of those screens on my master screen "LIVE" screens. Meaning the they all update in real time providing realtime master overview of all screens from a single HMI screen. I realize i can just shrink each screen appropriately and then just paste it where I want it.....it would work....but very tedious,. Im hoping for a more elegant solution. US5/7-x5-T42....just in case.
  6. I use US5-x5-T42 PLC+HMI Combos primarily for the products i build and install. I have just started up a new installation which i typically support remotely. Typically via a remote access device I can use a VNC viewer and connect right to the HMI. And I was able to do that for some time during this install but in a few hours time I lost all comms to the HMI but the CPU's still ping. Since Unilogic uses the HMI IP address I cant connect. Is there any way of forcing a remote reboot with the CPU address? Does anyone have any experience with this happening? The octet scheme I use the CPU and HMI are respectively sequential. For example, CPU-, then the HMI of that unit is, so in the image below you can see I have lost coms to 3 HMI's. 152, 154(not shown on list) , 192.
  7. Just got back from a conference. Thank you all so much for the responses. I will go through them and let you know what happens. Thanks.
  8. Laser sensors. To be more specific, a large overhead crane. The lasers are mounted on the bridge and trolley and aimed at stationary structures ( a wall). So essentially what I have is a cartesian coordinate system with continuous data that gives me position (x, y). I currently report the position with a live reading of the lasers on my "run" screen. What I want to do is have the operator move the crane to the origin, record that value (it may be offset from (0, 0)) then move it to the opposite point and record that position. Have that data scaled to the size of the screen, then in real time graphically report that position on an HMI screen. For sake of simplicity mathematically assume my coordinate system is (0,0) meters to (800, 480) meters. Lets say that I represent my life position with a red circle. At (400, 240) my red circle would be at the mid point of my HMI screen. I want that to move as I move position in real time. Without any further research the only way I can think of to do this would be to overlay a red circle and every possible point with a visibility rule of when (x,y) = live (x,y). It seems like a brute force method. I was hoping for a much more elegant solution.
  9. I Have a system that I am using two sensors to located my x and y position within a predefined area. Lets say for the sake of argument that my x and y both range from 0 to 100 meters. Is there a way I can show my position in real time on my HMI screen?
  10. The device I would like the Unitronics US5/7 to communicate with would be the agent. So I cannot get traps from another agent why would the general struct have both sent AND received tags?
  11. I am using a US5/7-x5-T42 combo unit in a small enclosure that customers often install in areas that are not easily accessible. So via Ethernet connection I have a FL WLAN 1101 ethernet radio set up as an AP for VNC access. Sometimes these are standalone units and sometimes they are networked with PLC communication via wireless AP-Client mutually transparent bridge and EtherNet/IP. I dont always have the opportunity to do a site scan to make sure the radios leave configured the least amount of interference so I am trying to build in the ability to scan, display, and make changes to the radio configuration. The radio has an impressive GUI via web browser, but I don't see any way to make use of that with the model PLC i am using and I cannot switch models. So unless I missed something with being able to use a browser interface on the US5/7 T42, i have to use SNMP. The functionality in the radio via SNMP is within their MIB's but the problem I am having is calling the traps from the PLC. There really isnt a lot of documentation and instruction on using SNMP in Unilogic. At least I cant understand it from the little in the help section. Does anyone know if 1. I can use a browser on the model PLC I am using...in that case that makes things very simple for me. And if not, does anyone know how i can call and set values to traps via the PLC?
  12. I need help setting up third part lasers via RS232. I have the hardware ( UAC-CX-01RS2). I have only modified PLC programs before, and mainly in VISI, u90, Studio5000, TIA portal. I have no idea how to set up seral communication in Unilogic. I have a US5-B5-T42. None of the example code that they have on the website initializes Serial communication. Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated. Please dumb it down for me!
  13. That did it. Thank you all for your help. I am a ChemE by education so I have some fundamental gaps I need to fill.
  14. I have my power to the controller and the only thing I have actually wired to the controller are the outputs to terminals O-0, O-1, O-2, & O-3. The inputs, until I figure, I have left disconnected. For the 24VDC signal I am just taking a 20 gauge wire and jumping V+ on the controller to the input I assigned. For example, with the ladder I posted above downloaded to my controller, I will run the wire from the number 1 position of the input terminal block, to the 15 position on the terminal block. If I simply change the coil to a set coil, it works to set the relay. But, as I stated above, as when I remove the 24V signal I need the relay to go off. With a set coil it stays energized. If I had my wiring wrong, I would expect it to not work with the set coil.
  15. If I change the code to this...it works...but it latches. I need momentary, only while the signal is high.
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