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  1. I need help setting up third part lasers via RS232. I have the hardware ( UAC-CX-01RS2). I have only modified PLC programs before, and mainly in VISI, u90, Studio5000, TIA portal. I have no idea how to set up seral communication in Unilogic. I have a US5-B5-T42. None of the example code that they have on the website initializes Serial communication. Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated. Please dumb it down for me!
  2. That did it. Thank you all for your help. I am a ChemE by education so I have some fundamental gaps I need to fill.
  3. I have my power to the controller and the only thing I have actually wired to the controller are the outputs to terminals O-0, O-1, O-2, & O-3. The inputs, until I figure, I have left disconnected. For the 24VDC signal I am just taking a 20 gauge wire and jumping V+ on the controller to the input I assigned. For example, with the ladder I posted above downloaded to my controller, I will run the wire from the number 1 position of the input terminal block, to the 15 position on the terminal block. If I simply change the coil to a set coil, it works to set the relay. But, as I stated a
  4. If I change the code to this...it works...but it latches. I need momentary, only while the signal is high.
  5. I downloaded this to the controller....ONLY that just to see if I could get the I/O to work...I get no response when I apply 24VDC to I0 (#15). Just in case I was mistaking about the physical address I applied the signal to all the Inputs...no response. If I jumer 24VDC O0 my relay energizes. Im overlooking something simple...please help.
  6. I am not an expert in ladder logic. I am modifying some code and I need to code an override of a relay that is on O0 of the Jazz outputs. Im landing a 24VDC signal to I0. When the signal is high, I want the Relay to energize. As soon as the signal is low, i want it to de-energize. I have done this in V350 and Samba, but i cant get it to work on the Jazz. The closest I can get is with the reset and set coils. But that latches it. And it is two high signals that will turn it on then off. For some reason, when I replace the same logic with direct coils, i get no response. Please help!
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