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Parse Message function


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently communicating with a device using RS232. I'm using the build message function to convert a message from message composer to a buffer. Then I transmit the message using the COM Tx function. I then receive a certain amount data packets and use the COM Rx to convert these into a buffer.

I programmed my own function to convert the values of this Rx buffer into a proper response but it is very inefficient because I manually check each index of the buffer for its value and convert it to the corresponding numeric value. I think the Parse Message function is build to do this job for you, however, I can't seem to figure out how to use it to convert a buffer into a message.

Can anyone explain the usage of the Parse Message function?

Thanks in regards!

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1. You have to pass to Parce function full message.

In case you youse RS232 ot low speed, PLC will read fragments of full message at each scan.

To read a full message, you have to check "Last Bytes waiting in Buffer" for your RS232 to be a string termination character,

And only then read buffer.

After this you can parce buffer content.


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