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Send E-mail over ethernet

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Hi Guys. I try use the function TCPIP - Send E-mail over ethernet but i have several problems.

I use the Visilogic 9.3.0 Build 0 (Win 7), Vision 130-33-T38 (with ethernet module) and DSL router / 3g router.

First i tried use the function on the example. Work sometimes with error in open socket. For open the socket i need restart PLC or disconnect the cable for router (i tested using Dsl router and 3g router). When working, some times the MI for status messages change to 13 or becomes in 1 and after many time the email don´t send.

I tested also using the function "PING" and the smtp server responds fine. In the same instant i use other network the same server with other account and send email works fine.

The server don´t use SSL for authenticating.

I replace the MB4 and MB1 for SB 51 and SB 52 for turn on the function. I try too using the function with clock (direct clock function). Using this condiction(i replace SB´s for direct coil´s and direct contact) it was not possible send e-mail in any attempt (the socket don´t open). I need use the function for send file from SD Card. What happens ? I can send project if necessary. Good day for all.

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