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Change in HW Configuration

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Hello every one,

So may first topic on this forum. I'am from the Netherlands, so sorry about my english.

I have a question about changes in the HW Configuration in VisiLogic. We have an excisting project with a V350.

We want to change to a V1040. But now there is a smal problem. We now need to resize every component in every display.

Our question: is there any easy way to do this? (template, resize all, ...)

Many thanks in advance for your assistance in this.

Jan Martijn Lenselink

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Unfortunatly, there is no simple re-sizing tool available. As i'm sure you have noticed, the smaller resolution (320x240px) V570 screen is placed in the upper left quadrant of a new project after converting to the larger resolution (800x600px) V1040 screen.

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