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Justification of String Display

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I have many of my string displays selected as "center center" justification. On the string the display though, the strings to not appear center justified.

I suspect what is happening is that the string is being justified based on the configured string length as opposed to the actual string length.

Therefore if I have a list where:




black raspberry


I have to have say a configured 16 character string to account for the largest names. However, that makes the display of the shorter texts like kiwi look a little silly.

It would be nice if the string display truncated any consecutive spaces counting from the string length back to the first non-space character. This would help the display look a little less funky. Maybe it could be another option you can select with a check box?

This is also true for the units text inside a number field. It causes un-intuitive things to happen with how the justification is displayed.

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