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Enfora Firmware Update

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I have a V230 with enfora modem and I have a PC with another enfora modem. I would like the ability to call the PLC from my PC so that I can do remote program changes. I can get the PLC to call my PC, but this connection is very poor with constant retries and its not good enough to download a new program.

I am using AT&T prepaid SIM cards. When you register to use the GPRS network, you are issued a dynamic IP. The reason I am not using static IPs is because AT&T does not offer it with prepaid accounts.

I know it is recommended to get a static IP in order to allow the PC to call the PLC, but I have read online that if you have version 1.4 of the enfora firmware, you can setup a PPP (dial up) network on the PC side. Then you will have a dynamic IP on the PLC and a dynamic IP on the PC that are on the same subnet and I am told by AT&T that this will allow the PC to call the PLC.

My problem is that Enfora will not respond to my request for the firmware upgrade, but I know it exists because I can find the pdf online that tells how to install the firmware and also the pdf that describes how to setup the PPP (dial up) network provided you have upgraded the firmware to 1.4.

Can someone help me get the updated firmware?

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