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AutotuneDone Bit


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Hi all,

I usually work with PID loops and tunning it manually. This time i want to try the autotune feature but i'm facing some troubles with the autotunedone bit in "PID Config" struct. This bit when autotune is completed is always ON and the help file says "Reset by user"... Well this bit is not possible write on it cause is a reading bit. So could you tell me how to reset this bit after autotune is done? If you start the autotune process again the autotunedone bit is reset by itself, but i want to reset it before start autotune process once again.


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I'll try it, but it will probably work i guess.
I was wrong about Reset pid autotune, I thought that this FB resets the internal values of the block and i usually used it before starting the autotune process instead at the end of the autotune process.

Thanks for your help, BR

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