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  1. hi Vesp123 what I meant is that the unistream share a system variable called "General.Milliseconds Counter" that is an UINT32 variable that start to count the milliseconds from the PLC power ON. so you can save, when you want, its value to check how much time is gone...like a timer...obviously, or better I think that is obviously, this procedure need a "finite state machine" logic...so some other variable/s in your struct will define which steps are you performing for each single struct...attached an example about what i meant. MILLIS.ulpr
  2. i forgot to write that if you need a multiple timer you can use the "millis" control...instead of a TON or TOFF or other timers. then in your struct you will have an "startMillis" variable that will be updated when wil be needed...and with this you can check the timing of your actions.
  3. hi Vesp123, if I well remember the "local tag" can't be |P| or |N|...because these are create and destroyed every cycle..then they can't remember the previously state...then...I have many projects that has to manage many devices in the same way but with different timming...then, usually, I create a struct that contain all the information about the specific device and I pass this struct at the UDFB...then I know if the specific device was "busy" or "free" or "running" or other else every new cycle.
  4. hi...can you share how your slave are configured as registers read/write and also how you call the modbus function in the ladder?
  5. dear alexandre_poliplante, to read the value of "corrente media [A]" are you point the register 5 (endereco long) or 10 (endereco short)? I think that you have to point the register 10 and read 2 contiguous registeres...so 10 and 11.
  6. Dear Antal, the PLC will execute exactly each single command...so if you have 2 or more contiguous "simple coil" command the status of the last win. to avoid this you have to use the SET and RESET coil; in this way if cois is SET a RESET event has to arise to set it to "0". however my suggest is have only one place where a coil, coupled with an output, is SET or RESET...following the relative conditions.
  7. Dears, by the "SD MANAGEMENT" I can select the max files stored in each folder...so the PLC will automatically erase the older files when the limit is exceeded...how to know when this will happens?...is a BIT that I can check or I have to take in care the files count? thanks
  8. dears, i think that I understood the "probem"...at the end I was adding some String items , also the ";" separator and the "EOF" simbol", bu tthis last has to be added directly in the buffer as "costant" and not as String. Now seems works...I have to try to read from SD file into the buffer...
  9. Dears All, i am concatenating 4 String UTF-16 formated; between the strings I insert a ";" separator (also UTF-16 formated)...so...I am able to have the end buffer properly filled with th einformation...but I am not able to have a "new line" when I try again to append the buffer at the SD file. I tried to insert, at the end of the buffer, a lot of characters (u\2424; u\000D; u\000A...etc alone and conbined )...but nothing works...or better...with the file saved as TXT and with the u\000D in the "windows note pad" I see the right lines...but if I use "notepad ++" or i try read this as CSV i have a long single line. how to have a "new line" ? thanks
  10. dear TJ, some not clear info from you...I mean...you wrote about ModBus TCP but the document attached report, for these devices, ModBus RTU by RS485...have you a gateway in the middle?
  11. Hi Dave, in my opinion this is a good request...because, I think, all of us have one or more debug pages about the I/O status (also to force the output as test)...and always I have to manually write the "name" of the I/O that usualy is the same, or can be, as usedin the "alias".
  12. hi remy, maybe my suggestion is not so smart but...did you take a look at the unilgic examples? also..did you take a look at the youtube videos that explain how to configure and use the differents functions?
  13. hi vken, from your picture I saw that the function 1 (maybe is the main function) has no BIT trigger to do the conversion from 2xint16 and REAL...also to perform the byte swapping...so this funciton will called a many times (one for each PLC cycle)...please try to insert a BIT command to perform these actions. regards
  14. Just to know...are you trying to read info starting from address 1 or address 0? because the column called "Modbus Protocol Start Address Hex" show that you have to start from address 0x0000...then 0x0000 and 0x0001 will contain the info about the "Phase 1 line to neutral volts"; address 0x0002 and 0x0003 will contain ythe info of "Phase 2 line to neutral volts"...and so on
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