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Hi All,

Are there any example projects for using timers in the V260 please ?

The help topic is quite light. I have tried to place a timer element in a ladder and triggered from a function key change but the timer always remains at the preset time of 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance

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If you have atimer that always stays at the maximum time. And you have a simple input that is supposed to activatet the timer, then my question is what event are you using to reset the timer? The last two times I went to cussing and swearing over timers it was my fault both times. Try a program of just one line where the same input activates the same timer , but have nothing else in the program. If this makes the timer work just fine then there is something on another net (rung) in your real program that is causing your timer to reset on every scan (or you have referenced the same timer twice "that will do it too").


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