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HMI Button Press Functions


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I'm getting some inconsitent results with the button press functions within the HMI.   I'm using the State Machine Button, 

and within the List of Texts, have actions set to  Set and Reset a bit on the Press and Relase respectivly.   There are some instances in this code where I will 

want this these buttons to also drive a screen change, other instances just need to load a new value into the State Machine integer memory.    This seemed to be casuing a conflict so I pulled the screen change function off to the ACTIONS section of the solution explorer.  

It seemed to resove the issue but I still get occasinoal errant hangups where the function isnt happening.   

I was wondering about the "Click / Tap" function as opposed to the Set / Reset.  I tried it but it didnt seem to work at all, perhaps I was not using it properly.  I didnot find anything about Click/Tap in the help menu.   



Button Press Actions.JPG

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Just a follow up note:  It seems I found my own mistakes and it was more related to not having good seperation & step mangment in the structure of my state engine.  

I did play around with the Click / Tap option on the button press functoin and it did not seem to help, only made things worse; so I'm back to the Set on press and Reset on release.   

If anyone has good kowledge of how this function works it would be great to hear....  it would be nice to have less mouse clicks involved in building these systems.   

thanks !   



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Hello @Jeff164,

Basically, "Click/Tap" option is a combination of press and release: only if the panel detects both press and release event on the button will the action be triggered.

In general, you can always set your bit upon "press" event and the ladder code that gets executed as a result of that bit rising would reset the bit after finishing the work.

That can avoid the timing  issue where a piece of code is supposed to execute if "MAN A FILL WT SAVE" tag is ON and the interval of time between the press and release events is too short compared to the ladder cycle time.

Hope this helped,

Best regards,


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