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Jazz ModBus TCP\IP to Festo COMM-ST

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Hi, I'm a newbie with plc ModBus protocol (as well as with the Jazz ) and trying to connect the jazz to control Festo electric actuator with CMMO-ST controller.
i have JAZZ JZ20 J R16 with MJ20-ET1 module  and FESTO CMMO-ST 
i read all the info that i can get from Unitronics U90 help and Festo CMMO-ST but still, i don't understand how i actually code the U90 ladder to control the Festo controller.
i searched in the net and didn't find any example for that.
I'm using FESTO TCP client app. and as far as i understand the FHPP out is what i need to output from the jazz and FHPP in is what i need to read back.
but how do I Actually send the THPP out with the U90?


Best regards,  Amit.








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