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Cant connect to PLC via USB or Ethernet


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One issue can be mis-matched versions  between UniLogic on your computer and the Version used to download the original program into the PLC.

  ( UniLogis is VERY  Picky  about this      The versions MUST MATCH )


What version of UniLogic OS  is in the PLC?  

      UniApps      -- About


What version of UniLogic are you using ?

    If necessary you can download older versions of UniLogic and install them - Yes you have to uninstall the current version first.

       ( To have Multiple versions of UniLogic available on your computer, see the  posts elsewhere in this forum)



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Hi Dan, 

Thanks for getting back to me. Aha ok yes i could be something to do with this, i hadnt thought of that. I think you could be on the money with this.

I am running version 1.33.236 of Unilogic Studio. No idea what version was used previously however as it is a PLC we have acquired from an outside source. Id just like to upload the project in there now just in case we need to use it again.

Ill have a dig and see if i cant find out what version number they used. I'd imagine it will be a much older version as i have only just downloaded Unilogic and the program in this PLC is at least a few years old.

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