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My deliverable software has three levels of end user access, admin, supervisor, maintenance with the ability for the end user to change the passwords as needed.  The end user experience requires navigation of organizational menus to alter set points, units etc.  Of course I need to have a backdoor for many reasons. Upon successful backdoor login  i load a master screen that has screenshots of all the other screens for direct navigation to said screen.  Once on that screen i have two overlayed exit buttons, only one of which becomes visible depending on the path taken.  I do that so I can call out the exact screen i want to navigate back to rather than using the 'last screen' function.  If you happen to be on a screen that calls the 'last screen' for the exit/return while Unilogic update is made that DOES NOT reset or reboot the PLC you become stuck on that screen and have to reboot the PLC anyway.  First question; Is there a way to use 'last screen' and not have the scenario i just described occur? Second Question;  Regarding my back door master screen that resembles the HMI sub-module screen as you click on that sub module in the solution explorer, I would like to make all of those screens on my master screen "LIVE" screens. Meaning the they all update in real time providing realtime master overview of all screens from a single HMI screen. I realize i can just  shrink each screen appropriately and then just paste it where I want it.....it would work....but very tedious,.  Im hoping for a more elegant solution. 

US5/7-x5-T42....just in case. 




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