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Unistream PLCs: differences between B5 vs B10


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Aside from SQL client and Web server, are B10 PLCs having a faster CPU than B5? I'm primarily wondering about HMI screens which have lots of elements and take a long time to render. Would a B10 render a screen faster than B5?

And another question: if B5 and B10 have same CPU/Memory/hardware, is it possible to "upgrade" B5 OS to B10 OS later, and have B10 features?

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Hello, kvlada! I believe the B10 would be better for HMI loading. This article shows that the B10s have twice as much Ram, which may help load those bulkier elements faster. I don't think you can "upgrade" to B10 features using the B10 OS because of this hardware difference.

I couldn't find any information on differences in clock speeds between the two, though. Maybe it's the same? Try running a program on both PLCs that has one instruction: increment an UINT32 every scan. You should get a good idea of how fast both PLCs process information if you compare those numbers after letting it run for a minute.

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