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  1. Dear friend, I have to do a datalogger very similar to yours. Could you share your development with me? It would save me time and I would really appreciate it.
  2. unitronics should improve these alarm screens. It should not complicate them. please.
  3. I need images of alarm screens and history. They have ugly design and little understandable.
  4. pardon my folder has no visilogic.chm has visilogic.chw. although I did what I suggest, was not overwritten anything, as I have the best version of help?
  5. I still need screen shots v1210 alarms to develop an instruction. someone help me?
  6. instructive to the end user, as get pictures of the new alarms? I have a V1210
  7. someone can explain how to use the FB modbus force coils? will have an axample? thanks in advance for your help
  8. my proyect has 4 V570 and one pc with InduSoft hmi, but when i start it, the error 111 by uniopc overflow. I could say what the significance of this error to correct it? advance thanks.
  9. hello to all: I am already working with w7 and visilogic a v1040 v.9.3.1, I can not put a bitmap from my My Pictures folder, with previous versions yes, not now. visilogic will be wrong or w7?someone knows a solution or explanation? wellcome help.
  10. hi all. someone has the formula equation of the linearization f.block? where Y =
  11. Hi all. My project V570, I have a flow instrument (FIT) with 4-20mA output. this instrument internally makes totaled in m3, need to show this information (totaled) of the instrument in the HMI is achieved only by HART obtain.<BR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff">visilogic anyone know if you do it? or that otherwise do? thank you in advance for any help.
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