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  1. Hi, Can I download the Technical Library now o it is only online?
  2. I am distributor of Unitronics too and I had to improve functionalities to Unitronics thanks to other products: Datalogging USB with Fuji Electric Hakko Electronics with the protocol of Unitronics. Advanced Web Server and UMTS modem with eWON modem router. I'd like the Next Generation of Unitronics will have these but I sold a lot of PLCs without them. eWON have a good solution for "scada" web and it's very easy to read data from Unitronics with Modbus Protocol.
  3. I'm waiting for the New Generation

  4. I don't know if this has been posted, anyway: Now, July of 2012, if you try to download the Unitronics Library from the link in the support page, you can not it: http://ftp.unitronics.com/Downloads/Unitronics_Library.zip I found the ftp folders has been changed and the new link would be: http://ftp.unitronics.com/Downloads-old/Unitronics_Library.zip Fix it! please
  5. I agreed with the supremacy of Windows XP buy anyway is not "Runtime error" a lack of debbuging in the Visilogic software? I said that after to reinstall Visilogic again because of "runtime error 91"
  6. We use the ewon modem-router, it has ethernet port and serial port and the modem can be GPRS, UMTS or HSUPA. The problem is the price too. But when you have a big project to do, this price is easily acceptable.
  7. There is an interest point here: why the EX-RC1 + IO is more expensive than a V120?? It's the same with the IO remote modules of others manufactures (WAGO, BECKHOFF, CREVIS, ETC, ETC) I have used Jazz instead of this kind of modules because the prices. When the number of I/O is bigger the story is different of course.
  8. Hello Phil, I'm using Autohotkey (I'm very newbie) I don't have the skills to use with Visilogic. Can you explain a little more about it.
  9. Thanks Malcolm but this is not my target. I have other projects with Ewon modem-router instead of a simple modem GPRS. The question is if I can use the V130+modem gprs like a Modbus TCP/ip slave
  10. There is other good: One of the slave modbus is a energy meter and the manufacturer has a software to read its values. Now the V130 is a Gateway Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP too. This way the software can connect via internet (ADSL)with the remote energy meter. The application is a replication of the address RTU to TCP. The future will be to it via GPRS. A question: is possible to connect with a V130 in "Modbus TCP GPRS"??
  11. Hello, [off topic] This will be my first "real" topic in this new brand forum. I hope it will be so good as the old forum [/off topic] I finished a little project to make a Datalogger with a V130. Someone could ask: anything else? Well, it's an easy application for Unitronics but we realized that it's hard to find in the market a datalogger so open and cheap. The project is simple: 1.- To read datas from a Modbus Slave 2.- Prepare the datas 3.- Save the datas in the microSD of the V130 (In spanish you have to do some changes for the standard way to create a CSV) Easy? now go to find
  12. En esta ocasión se ha aplicado un V120 de Unitronics con módulos de entrada PT100 y 4-20mA para el control y supervisión de una cámara climática dónde se realiza el curado de muestras de hormigón. El V120 ha sido programado para controlar la temperatura y la humedad ambiental mediante lazos PID o todo-nada con histéresis para calentar, enfriar y humidificar la sala. El propio equipo realiza una adquisición de datos durante el tiempo del proceso y los envía a través de una red RS485 a un ordenador central, donde los datos son almacenados en formato Excel para visualizarlos en gráfi
  13. HELLO WORLD - HOLA MUNDO Mis primeras palabras en español dentro de este foro dominado por el idioma de Shakespeare y de la automatización en general. Espero que sea punto de encuentro de la comunidad hispano-parlante y donde serán bien recibidos todos vuestros trucos y casos de éxito, al igual que espero os sirva todo lo que vaya publicando. Me gustaría recopilar en este blog trabajos realizados por todo el mundo utilizando Unitronics.
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