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  1. I have 1210 with the same behavior (but via standard connection). After some time (approx half year) PLC start with black screen and beeps. After some investigation (with Unitronics support) found problem in grafic chip soldering. After resolder chip - all ok. Maybe it is not the same issue... If Ldr 0x000001B0 code is the same in all Stop Mode cases - please check it via Visilogic Find Subroutine By Ladder error code in Edit menu.
  2. Hi, As for me - best solution for this type of application (CUT to LENGTH or object positioning ) : - send different fixed setpoint configured in VFD menu (i use two setpoint FAST and SLOW) via Modbus (for safety i allow user change this settings only when VFD is disabled and appication is in STOP MODE) ; - select one of this setpoints and RUN/STOP condition via PLC output and VFD logic input . Modbus connection may be lost if EMI from VFD present. Correct grounding, shielding and wiring needed for smooth connection. Slow Modbus speed is solution but someti
  3. Great news. If it possible - please select by red ink parameters in table that you change for rectify problem. And this table can be useful for another forum users.
  4. Combine Aus idea with linearization, some compare nets and PWM can realase visual effect with normal blink, fast blink before end of time and constant LIGHT when time is over. As for me normal blink must be active at the all normal process time. Faster blink must be active only before time near finishing and this blink must not befaster then twice as normal. I build this idea on plastic welder machine. Only one GREEN LAMP and two button is present on operator panel of this old machine. And user know when process go to the end by fast lamp blink.
  5. You can use PWM FB for generate different ON OFF condition for one output. You can manipulate PWM in range 0.0% ---100.0% (0--1000) and Duty Cycle in steps of 0.25ms (400=1sec). If you set PWM=500 and change Duty Cycle for example from 1sec (400) to 0.5sec (200) - you can see slow and fast blink. If PWM=0 lamp go OFF PWM=1000 - lamp go to constant light.
  6. Is it possible that socket1 used in application - also as default used for Visilogic connection (internal)? Then sw. to camera takes some time. Described behavior looks like USB port 1 used when Modbus on com port1 configured... After USB disconnect - some times needed for port go to modbus mode. Please try with different socket.
  7. I recommend to set samba input to npn mode by jamper. In NPN mode you can use only two wire for connect IFT9703. Please note all output coil with 24 VDC must be suppressed via clamp diode. AC coils suppressed via RC - filter.
  8. you must see this You must place this two MI value to vector ->>>> This is followed one by one MI. Then use idea posted in this topic.
  9. Hi, in Verifying the Installation chapter of document in my above post present Modbus registers that can be sw. OFF1 bit directly. Please try to do this for test - it is the same idea as Joe provide with DI0 but via software.
  10. Now in standard configuration you have only ONE com port1. This can be used for USB connection (Visilogic) or for Modbus connection via RS485. Simultanosly use for Visilogic connection and modbus is not possible for ONE port! Now after Ethernet card installation you can connect to Visilogic via Ethernet. Correct IP and PLC name must be entered to Visilogic Communication & OS settings. Then you can use PLC Port 1 for Modbus. Please note - RS485 must be set by jamper inside PLC. Correct wire A and B must be connected to RS485 port. Only after correct hardware setu
  11. It is some code in PLC for activate this message. Pump running may be checked via volme of product that is pumped or via signal +24V from pump contactor dry contact (NO or NC) to input of PLC. Can you post diagram or system layout for better understand what is wrong.
  12. I recommend to do table of component that you use in your installation. And sort it by manufacturers. Then visit site where this component (free or not) element database present, You can see what software is suported by manufacturers. Then try to check licences price for this software and futures provided.
  13. Hi, Some quastions: 1) Is it speed and 8E1 (simens default) settings commisioned corectly in V350 com settings? 2) Is it G120 setpoint channel sw. = Modbus, Control channel = Modbus? 3) Is it G120 correctly commisioned and all self autotune done and all autotune settings written to the drive . Drive do not allow to net control before autotune done (default). 4) What is with modbus status when command was send? maybe this document is useful: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5357e4cfe4b02760ee8a9506/t/53ecf6f2e4b03c7a36fcfed3/1408038642976/MicroB
  14. One tip for autotune.... Please check carefully is it heater for this zone conected to the correct PID output (via hardware and via software). I found one installation where part of heater from one zone is connected to another one and PID AUTOTUNE stuck
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