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  1. Some tips... 1.Please place ladder net to separate rung. (Do not place many ladder net to one place -- please see start of your program). 2. You did not post you pump setup. If your pump do not have some water pump pressure tank - it is problem with pump start behavior. 3. Please see this topic for select idea of deadband control. 4. Your idea with timer for start condition maybe ok. But what happend when pump do not off for 2s at pressure over 6Bar?
  2. Mogę pomóc znaleźć błędy w twoim programie. Ale musisz uważnie przeczytać pomoc do Visilogic i spróbować zbudować swój własny program. Przykłady różnych programów znajdują się w pomocy Visilogic i załącznikach do tematów z forum. Spróbuj zbudować schemat systemu sterowania i zaprogramuj projekt Visilogica. Następnie opublikuj schemat i projekt w tym temacie. Pozdrawiam I can help to find bugs in your program. But you must read carefully help to Visilogic and try to build your own program. Samples of different programs is present in visilogic help and forum
  3. wskazówki.... Steps for setup sensor: 1. Check hardware configuration using this document https://www.unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Vxxx_J_T2_INSTAL_GUIDE_01-15.pdf on page 6 (JP3=B, JP5=B for analog input AN0) or (JP4=B, JP6=B for analog input AN1). 2. Then connect sensor to selected analog input according page 7. 3. Setup connection to powered PLC via Visilogic and Select 4..20mA analog input (AN0 or AN1) in Hardware configuration. And select MI for Analog input variable (MI0- for example). 4. Place in ladder diagram linearisation bl
  4. Thank you for researching Aus. For some reason it happens that the solution of the technical problem in the shortest possible time requires a non-standard approach. I can order another controller and replace the TR20, but I probably won't have to do that. Everything that is installed temporarily will work forever I was just upset that I couldn't find an explanation for the 705"The defined hardware configuration does not support immediate output error" and I couldn't find the document where solid state output possible working mode is explained. Regarding the d
  5. First Hewlett-packard scientific calculator in working condition and LOGAREX present on my shelf also
  6. Tested, but i need Immediate output and if i use this ladder block for O6 or O7 error 705 happend. I find solution for this application - desolder standard relay and solder solid state relay in V130 PLC. But in future for this type application (approx 20000 output on/of in time of 8 hour) standard solid state (npn or pnp) needed with Immediate output future.
  7. One of my customer need to replace old clutch controller. I try to use V130-33-TR20. START and BRAKE clutch + motor hardware with encoder (300 ppr) and home sensor present in my lab. Then i try to program ladder for stop rotating shaft in zero position. O0 (RUN) relay output - for START, O2(STOP) relay output - for BRAKE. Result: 1. When only START clutch (RUN output) is used - overshoot is 110-120 pulse (1200 pulse per one shaft rotation present). 2. When use START clutch and BRAKE clutch (RUN and STOP output) - overshoot is 17-20 pulse. 3. When use START
  8. I do not test this but maybe you must try to use another encoder HSI inputs for block2
  9. Hi, I recommend STORE DIRECT "Value" to "Variable" with condition (value>=0). And use "Variable" for calculate AVERAGE. If "Value"<0 then RESET "Variable". In this case it is possible to generate error if "Value" is not correct ("Value"<<0) with no signal on input.
  10. One of my favorite tasks during lockdown ... Explain remotely how to connect the following correctly: All connectors count from 1 to 15. And inputs I0 to I11 (we have 12). But the count order is opposite than on the connector. Outputs O0 to O7 (we have 8), but 6 of them have two contacts ... and the last two O6 and O7 - one for each. And do not forget 0V for output on connector pin 15. It's a bit of a puzzle and check remotely are the contacts properly connected - headache for me. I don't even mention the numbering of conductors that need to be connected.
  11. If Swervomotor explane used Unistream model and what it need on second screen i can run solution on my lab. Two 7' Unistream modular present and i can run VNC on one of screen. Good idea is to ask support about possible setup. I investigate Unistream hardware but maybe it is not possible to use internal LVDS (display interface) for run on two screen. P.S. One of this 7' Unistream with old firmware i accidentally sw. to VNC screen mode and do not find the way how to go back. Only support online connection help to correct this issue. Then if
  12. I must note that the main purpose of any PLC is to safely, stably and correctly manage the devices that users need to control. Therefore, the failure of the I / O modules must always be confirmed by the user. If this happens - service technicians should be notified immediately. It's not about the connection hanging during data transmission - it's about the safe execution of the task using a PLC. I allow automatic reboots only in the case of a system that is guaranteed to be safe for humans. But I always try to avoid it. Therefore - we must carefully read the ma
  13. I think - the main problem with expansion appear when expansion is located on big distance from controller. Maybe cable can not be removed, but expansion can be not powered. I build v1040 based machine with EX-A2X +IO mounted in separated box on another side of machine. Sometimes, someone sw off some protection circuit for maintence and do not sw on after. Then V1040 started, but without part of IO. Only local E46B present. Then as Flex recommend on expansion used to power EM.SW relay with NC contact connected to EM. LAMP and Beep sound. This EM. relay
  14. I think if two worked inputs is I14 and I15 - then you maybe has npn input type configured via JP3. And maybe you try to send PNP signal to NPN logic input. You send 1 and npn logic offer "1" when input is at "0" state. Please check JP3...
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