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  1. Please post your modbus setup. Motor and drive nameplate and how modbus wires is connected to V700. Sometimes A & B RS485 wire is swaped. If you use USB connection to V700 - com port 1 is not work with modbus - it is connected to USB and Visilogic. If it possible please use PC Modbus software and USB to R485 connection for test drive communication. Please note - In drive parameter - you must configure communication settings drive ID and enable Modbus communication.
  2. Please print and post to topic foto of test page on this printer but not windows test page - you must print via printer button combination. On this test page you can see communication settings and default communication cnannel. You can also test printer RS232 COM port via vindows (you must use USB to RS232 cnverter with driver for test). I found several zebra termal printer with RS232 but some of them has defect com port (printer do not print via Com port in windows). This maybe useful
  3. You post message in Projects seeking Programmers... Than you must have some system setup based on Unitronics PLC (Jazz, Vision or Unistream). If you post present hardware and PLC setup - someone can offer help with program. If you do not have any PLC - please post present machine configuration in this topic and moderators place your quastions to ...I have a project...what hardware do I need?
  4. Hi, in code you use some operand to configure slave register (coil) address and slave register vector length but it is not placed correct numbers to this operand in program. Please define correct slave register (coil) address (place constant or set needed numbers to operand). Slave ID need to be 1 as in PC dialog
  5. It looks like you use panel as master and engine as slave. Master named ID1 and you try to read data from slave ID1 --- it is not correct. Please change this nodes to different ID and try to read needed data. You can change ID on engine to 2 or if it imposible - change master PLC ID to another one.
  6. Please post - what message is recieved via PC from instrument (terminal printscreen). Please post instrument model or link to user manual with communication option. In protocol FB you post used 22 byte scan string(0to21)+2byte start+ 1byte end=25byte message scan - it is not parsed by FB protocol. As Ausman recommend please try to scan string with 24 bytes length without ETX and STX.
  7. Please post your RS232 communication configuration. If you use FB Protocol than you must (tips from manual): ---- A Protocol Scan FB, which enables the controller to receive data response messages from the device. Note that in order to receive new messages, you must clear the communication buffer after each message by using the Reset Buffer FB. Maybe no resetted buffer cleared via com port timeout is main problem. You can also use port 1 for testing (Ethernet connection to Visilogic must be used).
  8. Checklist: - swap welder power supply; - use two separate control V570 system (you can make the same distance condition to the WS); - check - is it possible that separate welding only WS1 or only WS2 work without lost communication. I have issue on two TIG welders working simultaneously on the one big machine part - one of welder - sometimes lost settings parameter. - all system powered from the same power line, Than you can temporary power V570 from the isolated UPS or battery. Than RF spike can't go to the V570 power line. - I do not know how to test it.... -
  9. Sorry i can't find foto of board inside TIG box. Maybe i can make new one on next week. This manual maybe useful. Also please see correct grounding on p.21-22 https://www.millerwelds.com/files/owners-manuals/O611L_MIL.pdf If it possible please post your TIG connection setup. I have some diagram from different TIG welders maybe we can find solution. P.S I have some trouble with Ethernet connection to the V700 panel installed near properly grounded VFD in metal control box. If VFD start - connection is lost. Issue is solved by connection -24V (GND) o
  10. Hi on foto you can see standard upgrade kit for Panasonic robot It is present in this box, but also some RLC chain and snabbers used. I have only some foto inside this box. Try to find it ... it takes some time.
  11. Based on what you said - the cause of all the problems was the replacement of standard welding on TIG with high-frequency ignition. In my experience, the main problem with this improvement is the lack of complete filtering of the interference signal from the TIG torch to the rest of the system equipment. I have repeatedly encountered various methods of combating radio frequency interference, which did not work because insufficient or no filtering on one of the wires of the system - turned this wire into an antenna, creating radio frequency chaos. The main idea you need to implement i
  12. Hi, is it possible that 20SMS is limited by mobile operator for this SIM card? Like spam filter - generally user do not get a lot of message from one number. Or sometimes only 20 (or more) SMS is possible to send free of charge.... (in some operator this number of free SMS is possible for 24hour). I that case (no money) my operator allow to push new message only after send payment to account and modem restart.
  13. Scan FB Protocol used for "read-in" not standard messages. Main problem is to find correct message format. If i can not find correct check sum method - i try to read-in message without it. It works.... Sended by another device message do not need to be scanned directly as it appear in manual. Only start of message must be correct (for separate message) and message length must not be longer then scanned variable - message can be written to buffer and it can be parsed by byte operation. But in this method some Silent period must be prepeared. (without it FB Protocol sometime
  14. You can use info mode for test what PLC send to sensor and what sensor send to PLC. It is possible to find com port settings and see RX and TX buffer. Please try to load program and check this useful option. I use it for configure communication with not standard protocol device. If tx buffer is the same as on PC than RX from device must be the same
  15. Do you try to open device manager and check com ports with plug unplug V570 USB ? P.S, Sometimes for USB connection users use power cable for mobile chargers. There are no usb wires in this type of cables - only power +- present. Please check it by replace to another one.
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