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  1. I can not communicate ex rc1 two modules in the first atc8 I have eight modules in the second three atc8 and IO16 to, any example ...
  2. Good morning, my problem is this, I have a V1210 panel and two modules EX RC1, in the first eight ATC8, in the second three ATC8 and one IOD16TO16. By placing the hardware first and placed 8 ATC naming the variable by 5 tells me that the capacity is exceeded. The truth is not good to do but I can not solve.
  3. Good morning, I misspoke, I have hardware that is V1210, the modules are expancion EX D16A3-TO16 RC1- IO and others are thermocouple, IO ATC8 number 14. What I need to do is to know if the machine working, having said that queire angular velocity for two reasons, the first is to activate the alarm system pressures (oil-water-air, etc.) and second control not exceeding 800 rpm. This I am thinking of doing with two inductive sensors, one main and one auxiliary. I hope I was more clear and I apologize for the English is not very good. I await your reply, Regards Francisco
  4. Good afternoon, I am needing to make a tachometer (RPM) of a generator to see if they are working or not by the activation of alarms. I'm currently using a PLC Vision 1210 and a module with a module RC1 EX D16A3 IO to16. This module is because the large number of analog inputs has the generator set. I tried doing a window of 5 sec and count pulses that enter but has failed me. Would need a hand to move forward with programming. Best regards from Argentina. Troche Francisco
  5. could you solve the problem, I have a similar problem and failed to solve it.
  6. Good morning, tell them started using unitrinics bypassing the Modicom. Buy two, one test and another one V120 / V280. The first I have already put in a bottle machine and working properly, I'm starting with the programming of another machine with the V280 but I can not communicate in any way with the pc plc. For this I use a converter ADAM-4561 module usb to 232 and from there to the plc. When trying to communicate something Comunication stops at PCOM Request Protocol Modem Output and shoot me an error sign. The truth is that two days ago I'm with this and I can not solve. Sorry for my English, and I hope your answers. Thanks Francisco from Argentina.
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