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  1. Okay so I stumbled upon data samplers which have fixed intervals, now I am attempting to figure out how to store specific feeds into a data table in a way that fits my user's needs. I'll post my solution if i find one after lunch. Any input in the meantime would be very appreciated also. Got what I needed from an Indexed Data Table.
  2. Hello all, I'm working on Unilogic with a US5-B5-RA28 on version 1.23.25 My overall task is to monitor water usage from a pump house to an entire industrial complex. Part of this involves taking readings by time increments. The user would like two different displays, one every 6 minutes with 10 readings per hour. As well as one every hour, with 24 readings per day. I have two questions about different aspects of data tables, an answer to any part of this post would help tremendously. First, how would one construct a looped timer to trigger a push and/or pop function every x minutes depending on my reading? I will attach my logic below with my attempt. Lastly, is there a way to add the values that are in my data table? For example, the user would like the sum of all 24 hourly readings displayed, and on the new hour, pop a value and push the next value, affecting the sum however it may with the new value. That way, no matter what hour he looks at it, he has his last 24 hours of water use in front of him, same idea for the hourly sum, adjusted every 6 minutes. I am still very novice so please excuse my poor labeling or obvious oversights if there are any. I watched the webinar and read through the help files a few times, but could not find specific enough examples to finish my attempt.
  3. Hello all, Still working on a program to monitor the park's water system, for one of my actions I believe I need to use a Schedule setup. From the documentation and toying around I believe I did it correctly but wanted to verify if anybody has a moment to let me know. Working with a Unistream 5" RA28. What I'd like to do is... Every Wednesday, between two user-set times, activate a normally closed relay. The times would preferably be retained through the week if possible. A part that I was confused about is that "Wednesday" is specified in the System/RTC Date/Day Of Week struct, however you can not click past the struct shown in my second picture, so I was surprised when it was an option in the logic portion. Did that come from the system struct that I'm assuming it did and was just hiding since it cant be edited by the programmer? Am I on the right track here? Hardware is on site so I cant test it as thoroughly as I'd like until I connect, just did this quickly this morning and wanted a pair of experienced eyes if they're looking. Happy Friday!
  4. I've never heard it before either to be completely honest. However, my ear is trained to recognize any and every opportunity to make a terrible dad joke.
  5. You must find the person responsible for passing up on the available term "Supportal" and punish them appropriately yet severely
  6. My only goal right now is to establish a connection and keep the Bus COMM light on. Is it possible to do a simple Hardware Config on both programs with a COM Init and a check alive to see if I'm getting a response?? I've been suspecting the wire today but want to make sure before I chop another one up. Obviously exporting and importing the ulri file and matching baud rates and all that fun stuff as well. *three hours later* I had a wrong SB in front of my Send block, fixed it to the right priority and I now face a Status Message of 1, the message is ready to be sent, but the network is currently busy. What are some things that may be making this happen? I feel like my Visilogic is fine and good to go, especially after Joe took a look at it. But followed every step of the Uni Help dozens of times and have found no luck. I redid the cable as well and tried a different ATC8 (didnt expect that to be the cure but at this point plug in whatever to see if it will work)
  7. Yes, it will have to wait until my break in 6 hours but I will for you and message you the link.
  8. Joe, thank you for your response, ^^I'm not clear on what you mean by this, I spread my MI's out because there is likely going to be more inputs/outputs added as I go on, and to better organize it when that happens. My main concern is with getting one MI through right now so I wasn't too concerned yet about numbering them all sequentially. The DIP is set to ID 2, yes. Also, the MIs in my Unilogic struct for my RC1 do match up with the MI's I grouped oddly in Visi. Thank you again for your time, I will try out the changes you made. I also saw something about having to export from Unilogic and then importing it back into Visilogic after doing the opposite for the RC1, do you know if this step is always necessary? There a lot of things and steps that I'm not entirely sure the reason of.
  9. YINGD, I'm having an issue almost exactly like this, did you ever find out what was missing to complete the Bus COMM link? I'm using an ATC8 but the basic failure to connect to the PLC issue is there, would love to hear back from you or anybody else who knows how to complete this step.
  10. I noticed something time and time again when using Unilogic and the help menu. Unlike Visilogic, Unilogic's help menu stacks on the task bar, which is helpful in keeping everything neat and compact. However, when you use the task bar to navigate between applications, and go back to use Unilogic, whether you select Unilogic or help menu, the help menu is what opens if it was the last thing open. At this point, to switch back to Unilogic, it requires that you hit the minimize button in the corner of the window. This is obviously a very small inconvenience and can be avoided by a number of methods, however it does complicate things if your instinct is to maximize the help menu and navigate via the task bar. This could also be a PC specific setting, I'm not fluent in the Settings or super concerned about personalizing my computer top to bottom, so there may be a setting somewhere that changes how the windows stack themselves and where. But, if this is something in the Unilogic software, it would make the program a teensy bit easier to navigate for people like me who forget every single time.
  11. Hello all, I'm currently working on a monitoring system for the water tank in my industrial park. This will consist of multiple analog inputs, for which we are using an EX-RC1 and an ATC8 that we pulled out of an old project weeks before. This is my first ever project on Unilogic, and I didn't even as much as open the software until this project came to me. So I'm learning both CANbus and Unilogic from scratch. And though it is incredibly easy to use, there are quite a few things that differ from Visilogic which is my only experience in ladder logic to begin with. To learn what I needed to, I watched the webinar videos enough times to basically memorize each presenter's speech patterns. I've gotten decently far by that method as well as example projects/help menu in Visilogic, but now I'm stuck. I know I have plenty of work ahead of me from this point, but I would really like to achieve a communication so I can go from there. Our PLC is a Unistream 5 RA28 with a CX module(resistors on both ends). To test the data communication I'm using a Type-K thermocouple(jumpers are set to B.) My input is recognized on the ATC8, the RUN light is lit, as well as PWR and IO COMM on the RC1, however the BUS COMM light is blinking, from what I understand that means Im having an issue connecting to my PLC, when I check the status, it shows an 8 or a 9, telling me the FIFO is full. I used the example program in the help folders as my outline for this, but wasn't clear on what I did or did not need, so I did my best. I've been tinkering with the code running off of Trial and Error all day so there may be something small I didn't switch back to its original state or match up accordingly. it's been quite the rollercoaster. I attached my code for the visilogic RC1 portion of it, though I'm not certain if my problem lies there or in my Unilogic. As of right now I don't believe I need much of my OUT subroutine logic, its just there for future reference. If anybody has the time and understands the fine inner workings of CanBUS and can locate my error(s) I would very much appreciate the help. It's been quite the journey with this project, I've laughed, I've cried, I've cried while laughing, but now I'm ready to stop playing detective and find out how to move on from here. WaterPumpMaybe.vlp
  12. Not at all, you were more informative than anything. Most people would have stopped at "delusional" Im glad I got to learn a little of how it evolved. Much appreciated!
  13. I'm speaking purely from observational standpoint on the reasons why. I myself don't collect them, but the people that do list the sound as a big reason why, whether it be that the quality is better (which you disproved) or playing a vinyl has a distinct sound as opposed to any other method, I know only what they've said. I trust your take on them, I should have worded it differently implying the music's sound or listening experience might be better not the overall quality. Might buck up and see for myself soon though, I'm a sucker for collectible items. PS. Thanks for the lesson! Learned something new today.
  14. This 'Codger Lodge' really made me look back on how far technology has come in my 23 years. From controllers without joysticks to motion/pressure sensitive Virtual Reality games, from grueling dial-up tones to instant internet in my pocket almost anywhere. From iRobot starring Will Smith to actual iRobots talking to Will Smith. The tech timeline is moving rapidly, so rapidly that I catch myself saying "back in my day" when I am still in fact in 'my day'. I'm glad I got to witness almost all of it, as I enjoy being able to play the latest, most challenging games on console/pc while being able to switch over to Mike Tyson's Punchout! without a look of confusion and disgust as I hold a controller that doesn't light up and vibrate. Steve, you may be glad to hear that vinyls are making a big comeback due to sound quality and novelty as well as the awesome artwork you dont get from streaming and downloading sites, I'm not sure when the craze came back but I am going to credit you entirely if ever asked. Joe, I know this is true as it was my father's favorite method of communicating with me, though it seemed odd at the time, considering we were always in the same room when he did it... But it taught me about times before mine, and how to dodge.
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