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  1. Hi I think the unit is listed in the remote I/O user manual. Try this link https://www.unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/UniStream-Remote-I-O-User-Manual.pdf
  2. Hi KVJ When you have a situation like this where you do not know if the program is the same and if you do a download there is no way to go back you should consider the following. A V570 PLC is not a very expensive unit. If you convince your customer to invest in a spare unit, you can try the new program in that unit and see if it behaves as expected. If it does not work, just put the old PLC back. Regards Denis
  3. Hi Put the DOK into your PC Connect to PLC with ethernet cable In UNISTREAM click on "UNISTREAM MANAGEMENT" and then "REMOTE UPDATE" Half way down the window that pops up select DOK as the "target drive" Click on "UPDATE" at the bottom of the window and the PLC should be updated with the latest version.
  4. Hi On your initial post you mention that you can ping the PLC. Even though you cant go online because of a firmware mismatch, you should still be able to use the remote update function. You dont need the SD Suite just a blank SD card. Its possible that a USB stick in the PLC will also accept the files. Regards Denis
  5. Hi If you can communicate with the PLC over ethernet then you should be able to update using the remote update option. You will need an SD card in the PLC in order to accept the download files.
  6. Thanks NoamM I will upgrade to the latest version the next time I am on site. I can see the "clear alarms" bit in "ACTIONS" but this only clears all active alarms. Is there a bit I can set to clear the alarm history? Normally after commissioning and testing a system I have many alarms that I have tested. I dont want the customer to see these alarms or he will think the unit has had major problems. Forget the second part - i found the location of the clear button in the properties window. Regards Denis
  7. Hi Alex Thanks for your reply. The unit is on site and has been running for a year. This is the only issue I can see. I dont like upgrading the software on a unit that is working unless I have a good reason to do so. It is difficult to get downtime on the machine and they normally give me a very small window for modifications. Do you know if this is a known issue with 1.28.34 that has been solved with later versions? Also is there any way to completely wipe the alarm history? Regards Denis
  8. Hi All I have a unistream 10.4" PLC+HMI. I am using program version 1.28.34 I am using the built in alarm function and also using the alarm history. The problem is that when an alarm occurs it does not always get added to the top of the alarm history list. I have set the view to default by date. I am using the date format dd/mm/yy If i get a new alarm it sometimes appears on top of the list or sometimes if I scroll down it will be in the middle of the alarm history. Does anyone know if this is a known issue with this program version. I dont want to upgra
  9. Thanks NoamM When is the expected release date for Version 30
  10. Where did you get 1.29.145? the latest version appears to be 1.29.111
  11. Hi Bernd I think this behavior is correct. For example if you want to run from midnight for 1 minute you set the start for 00:00 and end at 00:01. It runs for 1 minute and stops at the start of 00:01. If it ran to the end of 00:01 it would have run for 2 minutes The problem is that the schedule does not allow you to enter seconds. If you want to run for 24 hours set the start to 00:00 and the end to 00:00 Denis
  12. Hi I think if you select project in the top left corner of VISILOGIC. Then select properties. Under the Colors tab, I think it might be "marking view color" that you change to the same background color. Regards Denis
  13. Hi Charisteas Right click on the curve you want to display and set the position of the decimal point in "decimal format".
  14. Hi Charisteas Right click on the trend you have problems with on the left of the screen Select properties. Make sure that the Run/Stop bit (in this case MB24) has a power up value of 1. The trend will only start recording when this bit is powered up. I have forgotten this on many occasions and it can be difficult to troubleshoot. Regards Denis
  15. Hi DaveH The configuration should have downloaded with the program you have. Also remember that when you download the program to a new PLC you will need to manually enter any setpoints or timer values unless they are assigned power up values. All registers will be set to 0 unless the have power up values. After download power down and restart the PLC.
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