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  1. Hi Flex Look at the description below for SB108. This may resolve your issue. Regards Denis
  2. Hi Khom If you wire the PLC the way you have shown and output 0 comes on you will short out your 24v supply. Do NOT connect 24v to one side of the output and 0v to the other (the output is just a switch) As Aus asks, let us know exactly what you are trying to do. To bring on the output you need some condition in the ladder to trigger output 0. You are correct with linking the contact of the output to the MB to change the image on the display (you can also link direct to the output) Regards Denis
  3. If you have done a lot of downloads to the PLC data can get stored in registers where you might not have intended. Every now and again it is a good idea to download a blank program and do an initialize and reset. then try your program again.
  4. Hi Aleix When you disconnect the wire from terminal 9 of the PLC and put a meter in series with the input, what reading do you get. make sure that the polarity of the meter is correct with the negative probe in terminal 9. Do you get the same 8ma or -8ma or nothing. If nothing re-check your wiring. If -8ma reverse the wires on 6 and 7 of the INOR. If it is 8ma re-check the jumper settings and the hardware configuration in the program.
  5. Hi Aleix Are you using the same 24v supply for the INOR and the PLC? If not make sure that both 0v are common for the supplies.
  6. Hi Rainer1 The Alarm displays are already built by Visilogic. You don't need to create a display, just call the display in the display in the ladder. Its difficult to see what you get if you don't have a PLC running.
  7. Hi Tim You can use any document program like WORD to type the symbol you want. Then copy the symbol and paste it into the TEXT AFTER field. Regards Denis
  8. Under the Vector tab you can use the bit to numeric or numeric to bit. For the source of the function you can select inputs or outputs.
  9. In the examples that come with the program installation there is an application called "Alarms with time stamp" This is in the database folder "Normally" at this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\Data base It might help to achieve what you need.
  10. Yes. Thats what I have done before. The only problem is that if the problem is not sorted after the reset the power will continue to cycle on and off.
  11. There is no description in visilogic, but I have used SB90 many times to indicate a loss of communication. I know it works with a snap in block (goes high if the block is removed) I think it will also work with external expansion.
  12. Hi Nicklamp Please see below link, it gives the ranges for standard and enhanced controllers. At the bottom of that there are further links to webinars that will help setting up. if you have succeeded in reading MI's then you have the hardest part done. To read MI's you probably used the modbus block 3 - "read holding registers", for inputs use block 2- Read Inputs. Input 0 will be 6000h https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/vision-and-modbus-communication
  13. That is a video I would definitely watch. The chiefs at Unitronics should jump at this offer. would make a great training presentation for all levels of user.
  14. When you are setting up a display, select numeric elements on the right hand side. Here you can assign an IP address or IP settings box that the user can use to modify addresses
  15. Thanks Aus/Joe Hi Aus - yes I did the repair via the system restore. I had a recent backup done and tried this first but it failed. Joe - I have followed the steps you suggest. File downloaded with no problems. Thanks for the help
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