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  1. @Warrick Thanks a lot I couldn't get it to uninstall or install anymore, but the uninstall app you recommended saved me. Luckily I only have to deal with windows at my work. Long time linux user at home and never had any issues with installing or uninstalling. Just a simple command line and you get all the feedback you want when something would fail. Windows is a real pain when it comes to this kind of issues.
  2. IMHO A back button should be used as optional navigation. You should always have a button on the screen to return to your master menu. I wouldn't be happy if after a download the screen resets to the home screen.
  3. @Eyal Koren Thanks for the quick response
  4. Cleaning facility (FIP) with 21 valves and 3 pumps for cleaning an industrial deep fryer with conveyor belt. - A good webserver function would be nice. - default on/off switches and other HMI elements like meters look a bit childish to me. They could be more abstract for industrial use, but that is a taste issue. - Better integration for an alarm function. Comunication ethernet with vnc to control.
  5. There are atleast two little bugs with this that I noticed. 1) You can't reset the first alarm. You have to go to the Alarm history page first and then you will be able to reset. After that it works as expected. 2) For some reason alarm detail #11 is ignored. I didn't have time to look at it myself, just thought I should mention.
  6. Thanks much appreciated Maurice
  7. Ah thanks, I misunderstood it then. It is working now. Maurice
  8. Thanks, yep you are right they are indeed tank elements. I already found the images. However the folder is missing some transition images. For example pumps or motors every different pump or motor is only in one color available. Maurice
  9. If I create a password field in a HMI display, it doesn't update the tag when I input my password. It stays empty. I now solved it with creating a text entry in the HMI display and let it disappear once the password is entered. A working password field would be prefered instead of this work a round. Thanks Maurice
  10. Are there any images available to integrate in the HMI displays like there was on VisiLogic. I only could find Tanks. Thanks, Maurice
  11. There seems to be no alarm management in unilogic like there was on visilogic. I hope they will soon integrate it. It is a lot of work to make one yourself. Thanks in advance for forwarding this to the developers. Maurice
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